3 Voluminous High Ponytail Tricks for Women & How DoubleC Hair Brush Helps?

3 Voluminous High Ponytail Tricks for Women & How DoubleC Hair Brush Helps?

Tired of sloppy hairstyles?

Can’t get hairstyles for long hair or short hair right because your hair just doesn’t stay fluffy?

This ultimate step-by-step guide will help you through, to add volume to your hair without using any expensive voluminous hair sprays, shampoos or powder but with NuWay brush!

Read on...

Half the trick is done when you have a good base for a fluffy ponytail hairstyle like a fluffy ponytail braid or a braided bun and so many braided hairstyles for girls that need the right kind of volume under your hair on the crown of the head or a burst of volume in the hair length.

But, why try these ponytail tricks? You wouldn’t want to make hair hang down.

First, a sloppy ponytail impresses no one ever. You can’t grab eyeballs at a prom with sloppy hairstyles. Second, after the trend of messy bun, messy braid and other messy hairstyles, the ponytails are in vogue. Detangling hair is an issue when you are incorporate backcombing in your hairstyles, so messy ones can be avoided especially if you have thin hair. You don’t want your hair to tug or pull while using your wet brush,, or simply any hair brush. Right? Third, it’s not an uphill task to do a good ponytail!

Wondering how would you make hair have more volume? In other terms, you may have concerns about how to make hair heavy in terms of looks.

Un-tied wavy hair might be your favorite thing to go out to a beach but keeping your hair loose all the time can take a heavy toll on the health of your strands. Did you know you might end up losing hundreds of hair strands on a daily-basis if you don’t tie them at night, or for that matter, during the daytime!

So, follow this step-by-step guide and how a voluminous hair brush (Can we call DoubleC, please?) helps to make your ponytail look even better!

Trick #1: Get the Right Volume at the Roots

Losing out bucks on volumizing products is not a rational decision. Hair extensions may look like a good option to add more volume to your hair, only if you can handle them! What if we say you can still achieve a nice root lift just with the help of a brush?

DoubleC Pro hairbrush is a professional and ergonomically designed hairbrush specially meant to give your roots a nice uplift you have always wanted. To nail your hairstyles perfectly, and to look beautiful with your kind of high ponytail, you have to ditch your old brushes for this one! Just give a nice move of this hairbrush right at your roots when you are drying your hair with a hair dryer. Set the hair with a cold set. And you are good to go! No tangles, no frizz; circular venting scheme makes it extremely easy for you to get done with the process in no time!

Always wanted to make hair softer? It would not only do that to your hair but you can make hair healthy and bouncy. Completely fuss-free!

Trick #2: Watch Out for Volume at Hair Length

Once you are done brushing your hair, you would want to give the length of the hair, the volume that a perfect ponytail deserves. Don’t just settle on a sloppy, ugly one, when you can nail the look. Of course, it compliments the whole looks!

You can’t ignore this part. So the trick is to give the same hand movements holding our lovely DoubleC hair brush with a twisting motion and a hair dryer to let air pass through the hair and brush. This will volumize your hair without tugging or pulling, as you might have experienced with cheap brushes!

Now, the last and the best part!

Trick #3: Give a Good Tie-Up!

Done with all the brushing and blow drying part? It is ALWAYS pain-free. (Well, it definitely is, with DoubleC Pro and DoubleC, both!) Tie up the pony high, with light yet firm hand, don’t ruin it all trying to keep the tie secure!

Pro tip: When you get the first part done, just secure your hair with a couple of bobby pins before you move on to the second step. Or set your hair if there are too many flyaways. Be away from too much chemical, it damages your hair.

While it may sound difficult to get that perfect volume without the use of special products, you are in luck when you have the right hair tools!

It is important to have a bit of fluffy head for that sizzling sexy ponytail that slays...and make hair shiny with argan infused double-dipped tips of the BrainyBristles. We know you love bonus points.

Get theDoubleC hairbrush today!

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