Deeply affected by soft hair? Five lifestyle habits so that you can have healthy hair. 

Deeply affected by soft hair? Five lifestyle habits so that you can have healthy hair. 

Is soft hair good or bad? Or is softness a sign of healthy hair? The softness of your hair may depend on your genes or the lifestyle that you lead. The way of you living can significantly affect your whole hair system. With a balanced diet and healthy habits, one can maintain a good hair cycle. Haircare isn't easy, but it solves half of your problem when you follow a few fundamental steps. Soft hair can be either due to excessive amounts of moisture or genetic inheritance. Whichever way it is, we are here to help you deal with soft and weak hair with these easy 5 step strategy. 


Stress reduction

Stress is one of the most dangerous opponents in the game of scalp care and hair supervision. Stress leads your hair towards weakness which further results in hair fall. Try brushing your hair, massaging your scalp with a scalp brush to ease up those muscles. 

Regular trimmings

Regular trimmings help you get the worn-out strands out of your hair. It is an excellent way of maintaining your hair and scalp. When your hair is trimmed, it looks thicker and better. 

A balanced diet

When you balance your diet, you let all the essential nutrients go in your body and work their wonders. If you can't take all the nutrients with the regular three meal system, try having supplements and vitamins such as biotin and protein.  


Oils are great for maintaining the shine and health of your hair. For healthy hair, you should oil your hair at least twice a week. Oiling even depends on the tendency of your scalp. If your scalp is dry, you might have to oil more than someone with an oily scalp.



Nuway being reliable and expert in hair care field brings you the Double C shape brush for the absolute pampering of your hair. Soft hair always leads to more hair loss and baldness. Before it happens, take the proper steps provided above and trust the process. This brush is a patented brush that is easy to use for its ergonomic shape and does the best detangling. When you use our brush, it lets you promote blood circulation, which is the basis of having healthy hair. Double C by NuWay is, therefore, the best brush for hair, be it for the styling needs or the scalp care needs, we are the experts of all. Please don't be late to make the right choice and hold our hand for the ultimate maintenance of your precious hair.  

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