Double-C Pro A Professional Hairbrush that Does-it-all the Easier Way!

Double-C Pro A Professional Hairbrush that Does-it-all the Easier Way!

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Double-C Pro: A Professional Hairbrush that Does-it-all the Easier Way!

Picture busy, bustling top hair salons in the world, imagine the hard work that goes into handling clients on a daily basis, to mesmerize with super satisfying services. It’s not a cakewalk to give your clients, a hair job that slays- hair brushes, tools, products, that’s actually a LOT OF WORK. You can easily match the situation if you own a hair salon.

Talk about a celebrity hair stylist, he/ she has to be on their toes all day long. Being a professional hairstylist, it takes a wealth of experience to use the right kind of hair tools in a right way, products, and methods to make clients feel happy afterward. Hair stylists in the most famous hair salons make sure that they don’t miss a trick. 

What’s even more important is the right kind of hair brush! 

Wait, what?

You have seen a lot of hair brush designs that the best hair salons in America might be using, however; none works like DoubleC hair brush! When top hair stylists of London take sides with DoubleC Pro, you are left with nothing but assurance. Right?

Hair stylist’s professional life made trouble-free with DoubleC Pro:
So, you have always been curious to find the best professional hair brush for blow drying for that amazing blowout on your dear clients? The patented NuWay brush not only does one thing but solves many other hair problems right away! 

Want to know how?

Thinking how to give your repeated clients even more mind-blowing hair services every time they visit your hair salon, or for that matter, a celebrity hair salon? 

Look no further than the US patented DoubleC double-curved brush, that is not just like every other curved brush available in the market. NuWay DoubleC Pro hair brush has been designed with many things in mind. 

The curve gives a depth and lift to the hair roots and strands, that other brushes can’t give! Massaging effect is a bonus, your clients will fall in love with. It’s a well-thought of design with circular venting scheme saves a ton of time while using a professional hair dryer.

Combining two professional tools at the same time means you become more efficient and handle more clients, and earn more! 

Isn’t it amazing? 

Who would have ever thought that a hair brush would leave no room for troubles anymore; especially when it comes to being a pro at it, DoubleC Pro is all you need!

Your personal assistant in disguise, saving you from switching to different brushes for detangling, or looking out for a professional hair brush for wavy hair, or curly hair, long hair, short hair, and tangled hair- this brush makes no exception! 

Give voluminous blowouts, apply products on hair with the brush and don’t expect tugging or pulling. There you have it. Sounds unreal, we know.

Thinking how can it work like that?

DoubleC Pro knows it all, can do it all and does it all too- no questions asked.

BrainyBristles are not normal hairbrush bristles, are double-dipped argan oil infused at the tips that would never ever scratch your dear client’s head. This is the reason why  it suits all clients- all age groups and all hair types. When you trust DoubleC Pro, it never fails you. 

Wondering how would it help you when working through hair extensions? We’ve got it covered too. 


This small little wonder will leave you surprised when you see it going through your client’s hair extensions without a hitch- a hair extension brush, you can call it. A nice fit for you if you are a proud owner of a hair extension salon, or provide it as one of the many services at your salon. Your clients would love you for the most praiseworthy time you will give them, and have no second thoughts about it.    

Made specially for all hair woes that only a pro hair stylist can understand. 

When you have a DoubleC Pro at hand, you are ensured that it is slip-proof. No more looking at hair brush brands and thinking what to choose for a specific problem. The ergonomic TPR handle is non-slip, allowing you to gently stroke through your hair to your scalp, as well as the length, in a pain-free manner. Never hurt your clients again! 

It’s the hair brush best suited for you, your clients and just everyone. Seriously no exceptions if your clients expect a good hair brush for thinning hair they might have. You simply have to use DoubleC Pro. No hard tricks needed. 

Your clients want a professional blow dried hair and your wet brush ditched you. 

Sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it?

With DoubleC Pro, you not only give a smooth and silky hair brushing experience to your clients, but a one-of-a-kind experience they will always thank you for. 

Get your hands on this ‘WOW’ brush that will make your job easier and effortless. Each one of the most famous hair stylists go through similar dilemmas but ultimately you want your clients walk through the world with their dream haircuts and hairstyles, and it needs a BIG change- Switch to revolutionary DoubleC Pro today!!!

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