Easy & Step-by-Step Guide to Volumize Hair with  the C Brush by NuWay

Easy & Step-by-Step Guide to Volumize Hair with the C Brush by NuWay

Did you know your hair hold the secret key to make or break your looks!!!

You can have high-end makeup products applied beautifully on your face, but you can’t guarantee the flattering compliments until you get your hair right!

You can end up looking hopeless just because you don’t have the right fluff in your hair. What’s that? You may ask the ‘volumize hair meaning’ from us and we would say that using special hair tools and products to give your hair a fluffiness to impress is all you need!

But how?

It isn’t even that difficult to volumize hair roots, we bet. It’s just in the little things that we find happiness (and voluminous hair!).

Same goes with the hair tricks to pick up and apply on day-to-day basis, and not ONLY on special occasions. We believe that you should “invest into your hair, because it is the crown you are never gonna take off!”

Pretty much right. Isn’t it?

This is the reason, we came up with our C Brush which is an outstanding volumizer hair brush from NuWay. Beware! Once you switch to this brush to volumize hair roots, you would never ever want to try out harsh chemicals just like volumize hair products, available in the market.

You can have a look at the special structure of the brush, it’s a C-shaped brush that snugs your scalp in such a nice manner, simply impossible with your flat wet brush.

This NuWay brush would even give you a nice little massage every time you brush it through your hair. Pamper baby pamper, while detangling and volume happens. Or should we say... while the MAGIC happens!!!

We created our special C-brush to give your hair SUPER EXTRA volume you deserve in order to make your hairstyles for women even more flattering!

So, all you girls out there, struggling to keep your flat hair up and fluffy using damaging hair root lifting products, pay extra attention here...

How to go around with the C Brush to save your time & tons of money?

However, there are a few products you may want to apply before you do your regular hair brushing along with a professional hair dryer.

BUT when you use the C Brush, you just need a C Brush. It’s that simple.

• Go around detangling your hair with the C Brush.
• Do it on wet hair or dry hair, it works on every type of hair- curly, straight, wavy, hardly matters!
• Get your favorite hair dryer handy if you are looking to keep up with your voluminous hair for a long day. It will help you to set it down easily.
• Now, brush with the C Brush in a zig-zag manner in all the hair sections on the scalp. And set with hot, followed by cold air, every now and then.
• Repeat the zig-zag brushing style on the scalp on every section of the hair you have divided, and set it with a hot and cold blowout when the hair brush is still there.
• Leaving the brush very slowly taken apart from the hair, will not ruin your hard work. So, be kind.

Can you really do this? Umm...

Well, of course, the US patented specially-designed hair brush with a circular venting scheme is nowhere else to be seen.

You will never see this venting scheme in any other hair brush we bet. Just when you set your hair volume, you will not face any issues of hot or cold air, because the bristles are made of high-quality nylon, and not cheap plastic that melts.

Thanks to the BrainyBristles! They leave your hair soft and silky, with double-dipped tipped with argan oil, and the brush is heat-resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (certified by SGS Testing Labs).

We recommend you to use a diffuser on your hair dryer for better results.

Another thing, air passes gently through the hair with the C Brush, creating nice fluff through the hair brush without pulling or tugging your hair at any point of time.

So, this MIND BLOWING technique to make your hair look voluminous will ease out all your hair woes.

Buy this handy C Brush on Amazon https://amzn.to/2m1v86S

Oh! You also get that special gripped-handle to hold it nice and tight.

We never let hair brushes fall from your hands. :)

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