Hair mistakes that make you lose hair

Hair mistakes that make you lose hair

No one likes the sight of excessive hair on their combs and hairbrushes. While it’s normal to lose some hair every day, did you know that your own mistakes can trigger excessive hair loss?

Yes, you can reduce hair loss just by avoiding those hair grooming mistakes.

Excessive shampooing is one such mistake most people make. Too much shampooing strips your hair of natural oils that give moisturized and healthy hair.

If you shampoo every day, it’s time to start shampooing on alternate days and rinse hair in between.

Another common mistake people make is using too much heat. Holding the hairdryer close to the hair only dries out the hair roots and thins hair. If you have to dry your hair, use the hairdryer on low heat, at least eight inches from the scalp.

Even too much exposure to the sun isn’t good for the hair. The UV rays practically fry your hair to weaken and damage your hair.

Using too much hair products is another grooming mistake many make. The products only weigh your hair down to leave it flat or with separated strands.
Always use only lightweight sprays or mousses that are lighter on the hair and don’t weigh it down.

Avoid using too many creams and pastes. Also, avoid alcohol-based products that dry out your hair to make them brittle and prone to breakage.

While it’s impossible to avoid tangled hair after a wash, at least avoid making the mistake of wrongly detangling it.

Don’t forcefully brush the hair out with an ordinary hairbrush. Use a good detangle brush like NuWay 4HAIR brushes to separate tangled hair.

While detangling, it’s better to start detangling from the middle and not from the hair roots. The strain on your scalp and hair is reduced to minimize hair fall and leave you with healthy hair.

Similarly, don’t roughly rub wet hair to dry it. Instead, just pat it dry to reduce hair damage. Even though backcombed hair looks great for photos, too much can break your hair.

Tightly tying your hair is another mistake to avoid for healthy hair. Tightly pulling your hair back every day only stresses your hair and scalp to lead to hair loss.

Some people pull out grey hairs because they think it’s better than dying hair.
They are wrong because you end up damaging the hair follicles so much that eventually, hair stops growing out.

Last but not least, reduce stress and follow a healthy diet for healthy hair.

Now that you know these mistakes you may have been making, it’s time you start avoiding them. You will soon end up with a mane of healthy hair you’ll be proud about!

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