Hidden causes of hair loss and how to stop them

Hidden causes of hair loss and how to stop them

Are you worried because you are losing quite a lot of hair every day? There’s no need to worry much because it’s normal for a person to lose as many as 50-100 strands of hair a day. It’s in fact part of the hair cycle.

It’s when you lose lots more hair like practically clumps of hair that you have to find out what’s causing it and how to treat it. The usual causes doctors state is childbirth, hormones, surgery, birth control, stress, chemotherapy and malnutrition.

However did you know that there are some other hidden causes besides these common ones?

Most important, and ironically, these causes all revolve around your hairstyle and hair styling products! Yes, the wrong shampoos, conditioners, hairstyle and brush can do more harm than good to your scalp!

Too much of braids, cornrows and any other hair style that keeps your hair pulled tight for extended periods of time can lead to hair thinning and loss.

Even performing too many chemical procedures and using too many chemical products like bleach and heating tools are not suggested. Chemicals are always unsafe for your body, including hair. Its excessive use may not lead to hair loss but leads to hair breakage and damage.

Another surprising cause for hair loss is nothing but your hair brush. Yes, the wrong hair brush like something with boar bristles can damage hair by causing friction. It’s better to use a brush with wide-spaced needles like NuWay’s Double C hairbrush.

Besides, Double C’s widely spaced bristles are tipped with argan oil to increase blood flow to your scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Vented brushes are also better because it makes it easier to bulk hair while blow-drying. It also reduces the need of any heat styling tools. With hair styling tools being another common cause for hair loss, brushes with venting systems can help reduce your hair loss.
In addition to using the right hair brush, you should also know how to brush your hair properly to prevent unnecessary hair loss. Avoid brushing wet hair and excessive brushing through the day.

Too much of brushing only leads to brittle and damaged hair, and consequent hair damage and loss.

Detangler brushes like the Double C brush makes it so much easier to release tangled hair without putting too much pressure or hurting the scalp. Stop brushing from root to tip if you have always brushed this way.

Instead, start brushing hair in small sections, away from the tip and moving downwards from there. This minimizes pressure to give you healthy hair.
Lastly, don’t get frustrated while combing your hair.

Yes, your frustration can lead to hair loss, especially if you have a big knot and angrily start yanking at it to eliminate it.

This is a no-no. Instead, of getting impatient and pulling your hair, it’s better to take time, brushing through each hair part with your detangler Double C brush.

I’m sure most of you weren’t aware of these hidden hair loss causes! Now that you know them it’s time to implement them for healthy hair, and to minimize hair loss to as much as possible.

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