How do I keep my scalp clean and healthy?

How do I keep my scalp clean and healthy?

Scalp care can be announced as the most essential step in the journey of whole broadly termed hair care. The mission of cleanliness and health can be often hard to cover as it requires a lot of fixed regular habits and routines. But who thought that little changes can successfully bring a ton of improvement in the long run of a maintained scalp. No one can disagree that a well-cleaned scalp is better than a flaky and damaged one. This blog is all focused on how to clean your scalp and attain the maximum of the scalp care that you dreamt of.  



Visible flakes 

Flakiness or dryness can lead to dandruff which we all know doesn't look good. When you start seeing white flecks over your roots, brush the roots with a scalp brush to get rid of them and keep them under supervision. Brushing regularly will remove the flakes and avoid dandruff falling on your shoulders. 

Irritation or burn

Irritation or burns happen when your scalp is unhealthy. Applying excessive heat may bring your scalp to this state. We suggest using a proper brush with a circular venting scheme to avoid damaging heat. Thinned up hair occurs when your hair lacks nutrients.

Thin hair

Thinning hair is a sign of a damaged scalp. Your hair looks and feels thin when it lacks care and nutrients. Focus on your diet and supplements for the appropriate intake of nutrients. 

Hair fall 

Hair fall is the most common symptom of any hair damage. When your hair starts wearing off, you should know that it's high time to pay more attention to your hair and scalp. Scalp being the base of the hair health, take some time and care for it. 



NuWay brings the most anticipated brush of all, the Double C shape brush, which not only styles your hairs but also takes the aftercare. It has got this extraordinarily perfect ergonomic shape with double curves to help in holding the product. The bristles are so soft and brainy that it keeps your scalp flake-free and helps in detangling as well. 

Who doesn't like a clean and relaxed scalp right? 

The brush glides over those root follicles and provides the scalp the much-needed massage. Its perfectly designed lightweight body makes it easy to carry. This can be declared as a mini wonder which is just about 4 ounces. Who thought there would be the best brush for hair which can operate on every hair type possible. What are you waiting for? Now Clean and healthy scalp is just a click away! 

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