How many times a week should you grease your scalp? 

How many times a week should you grease your scalp? 

Many of us used to have a prominent childhood memory with our moms applying and rubbing hair oils on our heads. You may have bottles of sheen liquids sitting on your bathroom counter but quite not know how to get the full advantage and results from it. Be it for the dry scalps or the damaged ones; the correct technique should be known to all. Oils have always played a crucial role in the saga of hair care. People often come up with numerous queries regarding scalp oiling, starting from the number of times they should be applying it to the types of hair oils which are the most beneficial. Out of the millions of conspiracies, the topic which is mostly argued on is how many times you should oil or grease your scalp for the maximum scalp care. Some might conclude the answer twice a week, and some might suggest twice a month. Whatever the case of your hair is, we are here to provide you with an answer. Believe us or not, oil application has a direct link with the use of proper applicators; let us show you why?



This being one of the most important questions from the topic, the answer depends on the scalp. Almost everyone nowadays leads a very busy life which is spent mostly in the outdoors. For this reason only, our hair follicles get clogged, resulting in scalp and hair damage. To prevent this, a proper application of scalp oil and regular brushing is required. A brush that multifunctions is of great use. The NuWay C brush is a blessing for all hair problems and especially for oiling or any other product application. Its thinly layered bristles help massage the scalp for even distribution. Scalp oiling is forever incomplete without a proper comb, for which NuWay brings you such an amazing solution. 



When we claim our NUWay C vent brushes to be the ideal choice for all types of hair application, we mean to provide the absolute gain of your hair health.NuWay has come up with one of the magical rounder brushes which takes the crown for being the best brush for applying hair care products in the town. Why choose our brush for your scalp oiling? Because our brush not only gives off smooth brushing but the shape of the handle is easy to hold and does not slips. It is being used by women and has satisfied them that makes our beliefs stronger on our product & we guarantee you maximum satisfaction.


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