How professional use Double-C PRO?

How professional use Double-C PRO?

The relation between those locks of healthy hair and a good hairbrush was forever true and valid. Hair Brushes are one of the most major implements in the vanity of any woman or man. The importance of a hairbrush can't be explained in simple words. We have all have grown hearing that brushing is a major part of harir care regime & it helps in making the hair smooth, knot-free, thicker, lustrous, and so on. Detangling and hydration are some of the crucial needs which are of high demand by the scalp and hair. A perfect brush is indeed required for all of the needs. You can't carry numerous of them for every issue such as detangling, volume, root life, styling, etc. Therefore a versatile brush that solves all of your hair problems is important. If you are looking for a scalp brush or a styling brush, we are glad to declare that your hunt ends here! Check out the Double C pro hairbrush that professionals use, which efficiently glides over and fixes your hair within a click. 



Have you forever wondered about the best brush for hair in the nearby stores but couldn't find the perfect one? Well before choosing a brush a lot of factors should be determined beforehand. Nuway is undoubtedly one of the best hair care brands out in the market. The Double C pro is a patented brush that is exclusively by the crew of Nuway. This brush is an ultimate salon itself as it gives an enormous range of services from the heat absorption circulating venting scheme to its curved shape, which enables product application conveniently. Its ergonomic shape helps you handle it with ease and damages the roots less. 


Why NuWay's DOUBLE C PRO is the ideal hair brush choice for professionals?


It helps you in drying your hair instantly with its widely gaped bristle placements which let the air in.  


The bristles of the Double C range are dipped in the goodness of argan oil to help in the scalp care process by adding nutrition and hydration to the hair scalp.


The only brush which takes care of the wet hair with precision. Since wet hair is more prone to damage, this brush puts the right amount of pressure to ensure that the brushing takes place without any breakage or damage.


Provides the best detangling by removing all the knots from your hair and leaving it all smooth, shiny, and lustrous!

There are many more advantages that make Double C Pro brush the ideal brush for professional use and daily use. ! Hurry up and explore the world of high-end professionalism with NuWay. 

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