How the right brush and argan oil promotes hair care

How the right brush and argan oil promotes hair care

Do you avoid wearing black clothes because of your flaky scalp? Do you keep scratching your head and end up with embarrassing dandruff flakes? If yes, don’t worry.

You are not the only one suffering from this condition.

Do you wonder why?

Well, it’s a common problem many people suffer from mainly because of poor hair care and scalp care. The problem is that most people tend to spend more emphasis on their facial and skincare. They in the process tend to neglect their hair. The best way to tackle a flaky scalp is by first knowing what dandruff is, and what causes it.

Do you know what causes dandruff?

Dandruff is nothing by the overgrowth of skin cells that gets flaky and falls off the scalp. So it’s nothing cosmetic to worry about. The only thing people worry about is the embarrassment of specks on their clothes.

There’s an easy remedy. Do you know what it is?

Unfortunately not many know that all you have to do is to brush your hair regularly using the right hairbrush and brushing techniques. This is because just dragging brushes across a dry scalp is painful. It just disturbs the scalp skin cells to make more damage and irritation. It also makes your flaky scalp more visible by bringing the flakes from the shaft to the scalp.

So what do you do?

First, you have to use a good detangler brush. Start from the ends to the roots for effective detangling and minimal stress and damage to hair roots.

What about the brush?

Well, look for a brush with dense bristles because it easily detangles your hair. It also in the process helps spread your scalp’s natural oils down your hair strands. This helps moisturize your hair, and in the process reduces dryness and flakes.

Did you know that there are brushes with oil-infused tips?

Yes, you heard right! There is a new brand of hairbrushes for women called NuWay brushes with argan oil-infused bristles. These brushes have polished or rounded ends which easily glide across the scalp without dragging the brush or scratching your scalp.

Why argan oil?

If you wonder why it has argan oil, well it’s because it does so much for your hair. It mainly is a great moisturizer, making it ideal to help with scalp care by fighting dandruff and dry scalp.

It is also high in vitamin E and antioxidants which protects your hair from damage by neutralizing the damage of free radicals. It also in the process prevents your hair from splitting and breaking.

Argan oil also helps fight frizzy hair by taming frizz and in the process leaves the hair softer and more manageable while promoting shine and gloss.

Have you heard of vented brushes?

NuWay brushes are also vented in design, an additional feature to look out for while looking for perfect hair care brushes. They are especially useful for you if you tend to use hair styling tools a lot to dry your hair. The vented design minimizes the heat reaching your hair strands and scalp, and in the process also helps retain the moisture.

Just brush your hair properly.

Whichever brush you eventually buy, you mustn't brush your hair too forcefully. This will only end up causing breakage; split ends and even damages your scalp’s moisture barrier.

With so much involved in using the right hair brush for women, it’s no wonder you must do the right research and buy the right brush like Nuway brush for optimal hair care and scalp care.

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