How to French Braid Curly Hair ?

How to French Braid Curly Hair ?

Do you have gorgeous, lustrous curly hair? Well, you may wonder about different hairstyles or even complain about the magnificent curls. However, opting for a French braid on the curly mane can change your whole outlook. French braid, also known as French plait, is undoubtedly a timeless classic. It has the ability to give an air of sophistication and grace. The conventional French braid doesn’t strain the hair and causes few breakages, leading to healthy hair.

How to French Braid Curly Hair

Steps to French braid the curly hair?
Follow these steps to French braid the curly hair.
Part the hair from the middle.
Now start a regular braid on the side.
Before crossing, get a little bit of the main hair and add it to the small section that is now taken to the middle area.
Repeat this addition till all the main hair gets used.
After that, proceed with the traditional braiding style and finish it off with a hairband.

How to French Braid Curly Hair
Can the right hairbrush aid in making the perfect French braid?
Do you desire the perfect French braid on your curly tresses? Well, with the best styling brush, attaining that illustrious French braid is easy and manageable. If you are looking for the best brush for your hair, stop! Check out NuWay DoubleC Brush! It is a patented brush that comes with a multitude of features. Here, you will find a speedy dry, ergonomic shape to circular venting scheme.
Why choosing NuWay DoubleC Brush is the best choice for a French braid?
NuWay DoubleC Brush offers different features that inevitably make it the best scalp brush.

DoubleC Curve The Double C shape brush aids in offering depth and helps in lifting added volumes.
• Carries hair care products With a broad curve, the NuWay DoubleC Brush can carry hair products with ease. It is indeed the best brush for applying hair care products.
• Circular venting scheme The circular venting scheme decreases the drying time, thus offering speed dry. Moreover, it also protects against heat.
• Ergonomic shape With an ergonomic shape, the brush assists in scalp care. Now, you can get the perfect braid with ease!
• Non-slip grip The NuWay DoubleC Brush comes with a TPR handle. It indicates a non-slip grip and aids in detangling hairs. No wonder it is credited as the best brush for detangling tresses.
• Easy to clean The brush is exceptionally easy to clean. You only need some detergent and water to wash off the dirt. Then, air dries it in a cool place for further use.
• Tips diffused with argan oil The tips of the bristles are smeared with argan oil, maintaining the softness and shine of the hair. These also promote blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles. These spectacular features definitely make the NuWay DoubleC Brush even more appealing. Magnificent, right?

Get this impressive hairbrush on Amazon here!

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