How to Protect Hair against Heat Damage

How to Protect Hair against Heat Damage

How many of you have been using heat tools to style your hair for years now?
I’m sure most of you do use them. In fact, some may even have started since puberty, and continue to.

While your hair may end up styled well, not all hot tools are safe on your hair.

The best hair care tip to protect your hair from heat damage is to understand your hair and the tools it can and cannot handle. Heat makes your hair pliable to style it as you want. Once styled, your hair has to cool for the style to set.

Heat damage isn’t evident on your hair if you occasionally use your heat styling tools. It’s when you use them often, without any proper protection that your hair soon becomes exhausted and lifeless. Prevention is always better than cure, even in the case of heat damage to your hair.

Did you know that you can start minimizing heat damage from the shower?

Yes, you can, by gently brushing your hair with a brush in the shower. The brush should have soft, bendable bristles like NuWay 4HAIR brushes. These types of brushes glide a lot easier through your hair without snapping it.

Another useful hair care tip is to use tools with adjustable temperature settings. Do not use tools that come with a ‘one heat fits all’ temperature.

It’s because each person’s hair texture and thickness are different. You need to find the best temperature for your hair, and styling needs.

Do you know why hairstylists use hot tools for only seconds in a salon?

It’s because using these hot tools for as short a period as possible is the best way to minimize heat damage. This is important because even keeping irons for too long on your hair can burn it.

Besides, it’s not suggested to apply direct heat to your hair while you blow-dry. It’s better to take out most of the moisture using a towel. You can then divide your hair into sections and brush with your NuWay 4HAIR brush.

The brush has a venting system so that minimal or less heat reaches your hair when compared to other bushes. Besides, NuWay 4HAIR brushes are also detangle brushes with widely spaced bristles.

The bristles, with the venting system, help air-dry your hair and minimize the amount of heat from heating products reaching your hair. This, in turn, helps reduce the heat damage done to your hair.

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