How to use C Brush adds volume to your hair

How to use C Brush adds volume to your hair

Do you have thin hair? Do you wish you had beautiful, voluminous hair like others? You can stop wishing and start doing something about it using nothing but a NuWay 4HAIR C brush.

Yes, once you learn the art you will realize, and agree that it’s nothing different from most other styling techniques. The only thing required is a change in hair part and the right brush like NuWay 4HAIR C brush.

It helps create maximum volume starting right at the roots.

Besides, it’s better to use the C brush to add volume to your hair instead of any other because it’s a detangling brush. This means that you can effortlessly focus on adding volume to your hair.

There is no need to worry about damaging your hair while you lift it at the roots to create volume. This in turn prevents hair pulling and split ends.

Besides, the brush practically glides through your hair while detangling it to make your hair look smooth and lustrous
Start the process by drying your hair till it’s about 80% dry using a good quality blow dryer. The expanding cuticle in turn helps add volume and texture to your hair.

Then use your C brush and start working on small hair sections at a time. Keep moving the brush and dryer while you keep alternating between flipping your hair over. This will help get the most bounce.

Of course, you have to do this at the right temperature setting. You should preferably use medium heat on the hair roots. You can then use a cool blast when you are done, to give a shinier finish.


Did you know that changing your hair part also helps a lot by adding volume to your air-dried hair? Yes, just try it and you’ll see the difference.
If you usually part your hair in the middle, it’s time to start a side part.
And if you usually part on the left, try flipping it to the right. Changing your hair part changes the way the roots lie on your head and gives your hair an immediate lift.

Now take a look at your new you. You now have a new hairstyle with lustrous hair and a changed hair part. All thanks to your NuWay 4HAIR C brush, your hair dryer and your efforts!

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