No Heat, No Hassle: The Effortless Way to Air-Dry Your Hair

No Heat, No Hassle: The Effortless Way to Air-Dry Your Hair

Like most people, you may have always been using hair straighteners and hair dryers to blow dry and style your hair. This can be convenient, but can lead to some damage to your hair in the long run.

There’s no need to panic. All you have to do is give your hair a break from your heat styling routine, and just air-dry it. You never know, you may even end up liking your air-dried hair much better!

Air-dried hair looks better naturally set, and of course, you save so much of your morning routine time!

So here’s how you should effectively air-dry your hair so that you are happy with the way you eventually look.

Start by using the right shampoo and hair conditioner to get the best air dried hair. With most people worrying about the frizz of air-dried hair, the right moisture shampoo and conditioner helps reduce the frizz.

It’s because it keeps your hair hydrated.

Though it may sound funny, you can start air drying your hair shaking your head up and down, for a few seconds. This is to shake off any excess water, which in turn helps your hair air-dry much quicker.

It’s only after the excess water has been removed should you start pat drying and not rubbing your hair with a towel.

Don’t forget to flip your hair upside down while drying it. This lets you focus on the roots. Remember, roots are the least exposed part of your hair and takes more time to dry.

Flipping your hair upside down, lifting hair roots and fluffing it with fingers help shorten the air drying time.

It’s always better to use a microfiber towel for air drying because of its ultra-absorbent properties. Of course if you have the time, just step outside. The outside heat helps dry your hair faster.

As mentioned earlier your main concern about air dried hair is the frizz. Each hair type needs to be dried to a certain extent before you can add product or brush it.

Straight hair should be 80% dry, wavy hair 60% and curly hair, just 40%. This is when you can add some anti-frizz serum or leave-in conditioner for hair frizz control.

It’s the right hair brush that determines your hair style once you are done towel-drying it.

If you have straight hair, use a paddle brush like NuWay 4HAIR brushes to comb through your hair. You can use the same brush or a wide-toothed comb if you have wavy hair.

While most with curly hair rake their fingers through their hair because no brush can detangle their hair without hurting their scalp, NuWay 4HAIR brushes has changed everything!

Keep brushing, scrunching or twirling your hair with your NuWay 4HAIR brush to ensure your hair dries like you want it to.

Keep brushing straight hair while wavy hair is better scrunched, as long as you don’t rough the cuticle and get split ends! In case of curly hair, just twirl small sections of your hair in a different direction. Then massage the scalp when fully dry to loosen the curls without disturbing them.

End your air-drying hair care routine by adding the right product to your hair.
Apply light oil to straight hair ends and in case of wavy hair, apply an oil-lotion hybrid from root to tip. It gives extra muscle and moisture to the hair. An oil- based mousse creates wonders to curly hair.

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