Presenting NuWay's Double C scalp massaging brush with its amazing set of facilities 

Presenting NuWay's Double C scalp massaging brush with its amazing set of facilities 

It doesn't matter if it's by an electronic massager or a manually handed patented brush, who minds a nice session of hair massage? We have all had a point in our lives when we get stressed and just need a good head massage that leaves our mind as well as body relaxed. With the moving generations, people have shifted to even busier schedules which ties up their time within boundaries, deterring them from having a 'me' time. Massaging has always helped in hair care and the particular field of relaxation. Along with the relaxation stated above comes the enormous range of usefulness.


Relaxation is the number one and primary reason for going for a head massage. What comes along is our hairs and scalp also get that dosage of oils. When your head, including the scalp tissues and muscles, are relaxed, it helps you in getting rid of the stress which is harmful to mental and physical health. Massaging your head even for 5 minutes every day with a scalp brush may help a lot.

Turns your hair thicker and more voluminous by activating the scalp tissues and exercising the root follicles. It improves and helps in your scalp care by stretching the cells located right under the intricate layer of your scalp skin. The more thick your hair is, the more pretty it looks. Why not invest a few moments in massaging your scalp.

Boosts and refreshes your mood to a good amount of extent, as it helps in the forever tiring process of de-stressing stress not only makes your mind heavy but increases the rate of hair fall. When you brush hair, remember moving your fingers gently in a round motion to exercise those follicles and root cells.

Brushing produces natural oils in the oil glands present under the scalp. Natural oils help in moisturizing the scalp and helps in the hydration of the hair by keeping it as firm and strong as possible. The brainy bristles of NuWays C brush are infused with argan oils that make your hair look even more lustrous and vibrant. Natural oils even help in forming a protective layer over the hair strands resulting in protection from harmful UV rays, dust, pollution, humidity, and dust.

From the maximum relaxation of the head and stress-releasing qualities, a Double C brush by NuWay is the topper in this field of hair care. No other brush could ever promote blood circulation like the DoubleC shape brush by NuWay.

Why not give yourself a try?

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