3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Home Blow Dry

3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Home Blow Dry

3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Home Blow Dry

THE BLOW-DRYING ADVISOR :- Remember those late mornings? When do you have to rush your way for getting everything done? Blow drying is a common and very widely used technique to speed dry the hair instantly. Blow drying comes with pros as well as cons. While it quickly dries your hair, it even damages your hair with its heat. A brush with a circulating venting scheme is ideal while you use a blow dryer as it absorbs the heat and prevents it from reaching and affecting the roots. From choosing the right applicators to the swinging motion, there is a lot to learn and master to get the maximum benefits with minimum damage. Blow drying can be against your hair care regime as excessive use of it wears your hair strands off. Avoid using the dryer when your hair is dry as it turns your hair dry, dull, and might lead to intense breakage and hair fall. When you do the process in the wrong way, it leads to many chronic difficulties which all may be very hard to repair. This blog is all about giving you the basic ideas of blow-drying which will not only make you master the skill but also prevent you from getting dry, rough hair.Easy Steps to a Perfect Home Blow Dry

Blow drying might seem easy but isn't. You need to take care of the smallest of things and do it right.


• Selection of the right tools is important since there are brushes or other tools available especially for blow-drying purposes. Round brushes with the correct circulating venting scheme and ergonomic body are the ideal ones as they prevent damage caused by heat.
• The correct motion is important as well since the heat application depends on the movement of your hand. Use the universally used pull and roll technic to dry your hair
• Less heat application should be kept in mind as too much heat can damage and burn your scalp forever. Use a scalp brush to turn and flip those locks easily.
3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Home Blow Dry

ENCOUNTER THE BEST BLOW DRYING:- NuWay's Double C shape brush is the only brush for all your styling needs. This being the best brush for hair, gives you all the advantages like hydration, lustrousness, etc. It's a patented brush that glides over the scalp smoothly and gives absolute volume. Its circulating venting scheme helps in heat absorption in cases such as blow-drying, making it completely safe for all types of hair-dryers. It perfectly detangles your hair, whether they are dry or wet. When you choose this comb, you choose the absolute care and treatment for your hair which keeps them all set and smooth throughout the day and night. So don't be late to add one of these spectacular brushes to your vanity.

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